About Methylomics

Methylomics is a start-up company that applies state of the art methylation sequencing technology (MeD-seq) for diagnosis and classification of cancer as well as disease progression and therapy response monitoring. With a multidisciplinary team of top scientists, we construct a DNA methylation atlas of different tissues and associated cancers. Methylomics developed in-house bioinformatic algorithms to rapidly discover differentially methylated regions for specific cancer types. We aim to generate a database that can be used for the diagnosis, as well as the determination of the origin, of all cancer types.

In addition to marker discovery and direct classification of cancers we use the marker profiles generated by our MeD-seq technology as a basis for the development of fast and low-cost methylation assays. Because of our streamlined bioinformatic process to select these markers and design assays, Methylomics is rapidly expanding its pipeline, now including cancers of the colorectal region, skin, head & neck, anus, and uro-genital zone (e.g., cervical, ovarian, vulva and endometrial cancers).

Methylomics discovered two proprietary pan-gynecological markers and developed a MeD-Scan assay for the rapid detection of all types of gynecological cancer. Three validation studies, showing the remarkably high sensitivity of the MeD-Scan assay, will be published in Q1 2024, along with the patent application for these markers.

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