Funding and Alliances

Methylomics is a privately funded company with academic collaborations and grants as support for the R&D activities.  


Academic grants: 

  • NWO sponsored (500K) “Building Blocks of Life" subsidy. This grant was a collaboration between Methylomics and the Erasmus MC and contributed to the development of a novel assay for genome wide DNA methylation profiling called MeD-seq. MeD-seq is a superior low-cost high throughput genome wide DNA methylation analysis tool that forms the basis of the Methylomics pipeline.  
  • ZonMW sponsored (30k) “Enabling Technology Hotels" subsidy contributed to the development of low-cost early detection assays, crucial to predict disease outcome and treatment strategy. 
  • Health-Holland sponsored (350k) TKI-Health subsidy contributed to the development of DNA methylation maps for different cell types, serving as a valuable resource for future studies on health and disease. 
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