In the NWO sponsored (500K) Building Blocks of Life project ‘MeD-seq, a novel assay for genome wide DNA methylation profiling’, Methylomics and the Erasmus MC departments of Developmental Biology and Pathology aim to develop MeD-seq as a superior low cost high throughput pipeline for genome wide DNA methylation analysis of tissue and single cells. MeD-seq will be improved and applied to better understand colorectal and cervical cancer progression. This way, markers that can be used for cancer prognosis and therapy can be identified.

With a ZonMW Enabling Technlogy Hotels (30K) subsidy ‘From cancer epigenomes to DNA methylation assays for cancer detection and staging’ Methylomics, in collaboration with Erasmus MC department of Developmental Biology and the technology hotel DDL will develop early detection assays of cancer type and stage, crucial to predict disease outcome and treatment strategy.

With the TKI-Health subsidy (350K) ‘Establishment of a cell type specific DNA methylation atlas to study health and disease,’ we collaborate with the departments of Medical Oncology, Pathology and Developmental Biology of the Erasmus MC to develop single cell MeD-seq and apply this methodology to establish DNA methylation maps of different cell types in the human body. These maps will serve as a resource for future studies on health and disease.

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