Our mission is to transform cancer care with enhanced detection, classification, and monitoring for improved treatment success

Methylomics is specialized in methylation-based cancer diagnostics, focusing on all gynecological cancers, with the ambition to include all main cancer types. Methylomics has developed a unique low-cost (DNA) methylation sequencing tool, called MeD-seq. MeD-seq comprises of a wet lab and a bioinformatics pipeline that can be used for efficient biomarker discovery and assay development. The cancer database of Methylomics is rapidly expanding, now including cancers of the colorectal region, skin, head & neck, anus, and uro-genital zone (e.g., cervical, ovarian, vulva and endometrial cancers). The MeD-seq wetlab and drylab pipeline in combination with the cancer database and (AI) algorithm, are a key part of our Methyl-Me Methylation Atlas toolkit. The Methyl-Me Atlas can be used for the diagnosis and classification of cancer, as well as the monitoring of disease progression and therapy response.

Methylomics has discovered two proprietary pan-gynecological markers and developed a MeD-Scan assay for the rapid detection of all types of gynecological cancer. Three validation studies, showing the remarkably high sensitivity of the MeD-Scan assay, will be published in Q2 2024, along with the patent application for these markers.

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