We were excited to present our three talks at the EUROGIN 2024 conference.

Wednesday, March 13 at 12:24, Room C1/C2
Topic: Discovery of four novel DNA Methylation markers and the integration into the MeD-Scan qPCR assay for the recognition of all anogenital cancers.
Session: Cervical Neoplasia and Cancer
Speaker: Ruben Boers

Friday, March 15 at 16:40, Auditorium A4
Topic: Introduction of the MeD-Seq pipeline and its role in tumor characterization from cfDNA, including the Methyl-Me methylation atlas.
Session: Methylation I
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Joost Gribnau

Saturday, March 16 at 10:00, Room C4
Topic: Methylation profiling with MeD-seq and the process of marker selection.
Session: Molecular Markers and Viral and Molecular Biology
Speaker: Joachim Boers

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